History of Popcorn Poppers

Popcorn Poppers through the ages

Hot Rocks

Clay pots with hot sand

Open fire poppers

Popcorn Rotisserie


This is a modern variation to the perforated metal cylinder used by early American settlers in the 1600s. A fire was used instead of a grill, and the popper cylinder was turned by hand while supported by a couple of posts.

Wire basket popper


Pan popper


Stove top poppers

Crank poppers


Pan popper


Electric poppers


Hot air popper


The hot air popper did not require high calorie oil to pop the popcorn.  So, this allowed the consumer to add as much or as little butter or oil as they wished. Some add none at all. Most had a butter melter on top like this one.

Microwave popping

Where it Started


The Amana radar range Microwave, invented here in Iowa where great popcorn is grown (couldn’t resist). Soon after it’s release, the microwave popcorn bag was also invented.

Basic Brown Bag Popper

popping-popcorn-in-brown-paper-bagBag popping requires microwave with rotating platform, the use of the plate under the bag is essential to prevent burning.  Don’t know why, just know it works.  No staples, just fold the bag shut.  Too much popcorn will force the bag open, so go easy till you figure it out.  Then add oil/butter salt & sugar for great popcorn.

Commercial poppers