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fit-pop popcorn, grown in IowaNow a Secure Website. The Midwest is known as the bread basket of the world. And Iowa is at the heart of that basket. So it only makes sense that the best popcorn is going to come from Iowa. FITKIN Popcorn, the producers of FIT-POP is part of a 4th generation family farm located in northeast Iowa. We select and grow popcorn varieties that produce the highest quality popping corn

Many popcorn companies will blend poorer hybrids to try and come up with an acceptable product. They rely on advertising and gimmicks to sell their corn. At FITKIN Popcorn we start with only the best popcorn, with the hope you will return as a satisfied customer.

As with our other crops FIT-POP is grown using sustainable farming practices, using a minimum of pesticides. When raising crops, our goal is to leave the soil and environment in as good or better shape than before. Thus sustaining productive soil for generations to come.

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FITKIN Popcorn LLC, the producers of FIT-POP