FIT-POP CUBES Innovative popcorn


A Unique Experience! That’s right, FIT-POP cubes, a cube of popcorn that measures 16 inches on each side. These cubes are made with 6 pounds of buttery and salted FIT-POP. It’s all held together with 6 pounds of marshmallows. Each cube has a mouth watering sweet and salty taste and has enough popcorn to equal 125 popcorn balls. The one pictured here was made for my brother’s family Christmas party, the popcorn inside is our ‘chocolate covered cherry’ variety.

The perfect snack for that Super Bowl party. We can make a solid FIT_POP cubes in the team colors of the Patriots or the Sea-hawks. Or a hollow FIT-POP cube filled with 8 to 10 quarts of your favorite flavors of FIT-POP. You can enjoy the popcorn inside as you eat the tub it came in. For the popcorn inside choose from any combination of Butter, Caramel, Kettle, Cheese, Cinnamon, Cherry or Raspberry.

Get a solid FIT-POP CUBE for only $23. Or a hollow FIT-POP CUBE filled with any of a number of FIT-POP flavors for $20. Smaller sizes are now available at lower cost if 6 pounds of popcorn is more than you need. Contact us for shipping charges as they vary based on your location for this product.