FIT-POP White Popcorn

Bowl FIT-POP White Popcorn & DAD's Red Cream Soda
Bowl FIT-POP White Popcorn & DAD’s Red Cream Soda

When we select white popcorn varieties to grow, yield per acre is not a priority.  Our white FIT-POP, as with our yellow FIT-POP, is chosen for it’s popping qualities.  Let’s face it.  You don’t care if we get 400 pounds or 4 tons per acre (in an average year we get about 2 tons of yellow popcorn per acre and around 1 ton of white popcorn per acre).  But you do care about the quality of the popped corn you are eating.  So you can be assured that the white FIT-POP you buy will always be of the highest quality we can produce.  We can’t control the weather during the growing season.  But by using sustainable practices and the highest quality seed available, we are able to produce popping corn good enough to carry the FIT-POP name.


Case FIT-POP White popcorn, 2 Lb bags

Indeed, white FIT-POP seeds pop into some of the fluffiest most tender flakes you will see.  And you can count on that time after time.

We are sometimes asked here at FITKIN POPCORN if we grow hull less popcorn.  I don’t know where the term “hull less popcorn” came from, because there is no such thing.  All popcorn seeds have a hull, that is one of the factors that makes it pop.  A better explanation is located on the Why does popcorn pop page.

The popcorn industry rates different popcorn varieties on many different traits.  One of which is “hull dispersion”.  The popcorn seed (kernel) is encased by a hard or flinty starch, this makes up the hull.  Hull dispersion ranks how well the flinty starch breaks up and is dispersed over the popped kernel.  Since tenderness is a top quality of white popcorn.  So rest assured white FIT-POP is some of the most tender popping corn available.

FIT-POP white popcorn