FIT-POP on the COB Jumbo Ears


This variety of FIT-POP has incredibly large ears. Twice as big as our regular ears of FIT-POP On The Cob. They pop up so much that they need 2 bags per ear. Place the ear into first bag and then put the second over the first. After popping in microwave, cut a slit along the bag and add your favorite topping. ENJOY!


FIT-POP ON THE COB makes the perfect gift for guests at any party, meeting or social event. We harvested more than ever in 2020 and as usual the ears have proven popular.  So the supply is shrinking.  When we run out there will be no more until fall of 2021.  Shipping cost is included in the price of FIT-POP POPCORN.  We have sold over 10,000 ears in the last few years so you know they pop.FIT-POP-Jumbo-Ears-into-bag

Description: Just like the name says. You get an Jumbo ear of yellow FIT-POP just as it grew in the field. Nothing is added. no processing. Just put the ear of popcorn into the two paper bags provided, stick it in the microwave and in less than 2 minutes you have a bag full of popcorn. Nothing added, just pure popcorn. The way nature intended.


This is the same yellow FIT-POP we grow for Theaters. We just leave it on the cob. As with all our corn FIT-POP is grown using sustainable practices. We use crop rotation so a minimum of pesticides are needed.

By popping the corn on the cob you get the only truly hull less popcorn. Because most of the hull stays on the cob. You may want to break some of the larger ears in half so that the bag doesn’t overflow. Then again, some people just put the ear in so they can watch it pop.


When we harvest the popcorn in the fall, we leave several hundred feet of stalks to pick by hand. In 2013 we had about 1400 ears. When it’s gone, that’s it till next year. The ears are almost gone by the end of December. So if you want some in 2014 let us know by October. Or look for it at Fareway and Hy-Vee stores in Waverly, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.